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Find Clients on Facebook-Without Buying Ads or Annoying Friends

How to Find Clients on Facebook

People ask me, “how can I find new clients” or “I can’t afford to buy ads on Facebook; how can I find new clients without buying ads?”  Ads are great, but there are ways to gain new clients organically on Facebook or with any other social media.  It doesn’t matter if your customers are local or you have clients located across the entire world; you can implement this into your business.  Get ready for my social media “secret sauce.”

One of the most important methods of marketing any business is building relationships. That’s true on Facebook or any other social media outlet. It’s not a new concept, but it is free to get started.  Plus, you can start today.

If you want to find clients on Facebook, you have to build professional relationships.  Professional relationships have been incredibly important to me in my business. Every single one of my clients has come from cultivated online relationships. Yes, every single one. Either they formed online or were a referral from an online relationship.

How to Find Clients on Facebook and Build Professional Relationships

The first step is simple, but you may have to give it some thought. Who is your ideal client/customer? You must know this before you can proceed. To whom do you sell (or want to sell) your products or services?  Maybe you offer accounting services for plumbers, administrative services for fitness coaches or videography for real estate agents; it doesn’t matter what services you provide. You simply need to know to whom you are marketing your business. Once you know who you are marketing to, you can begin building relationships with them.

Now that you know who your ideal clients are, join industry-related Facebook groups that address your clients interests and provide answers to the common problems associated with their business. Look for help groups that provide tips and tricks to solve their everyday business problems. If they are plumbers, search on Facebook for plumber groups. If your ideal client is real estate agents, search for real estate agent marketing groups. Again, you want to look for groups that help your clients solve their common problems; the problems in which you provide a solution.

Be sure to read the rules in each group. You may have to be careful what you share, the day of the week or how you share your information, but almost every group is workable. The types of groups that will not work are the ones that say “real estate agents only” or “plumbers only,” etc. Just check out the group’s rules.

If you can’t find a group that includes your ideal clients, start one! The best names for groups are similar to these:

Plumber’s Accounting Tips
Accounting For Small Businesses
Real Estate Video Tips and Tricks
Marketing Help for Realtors
Fitness Coaches Business Help
Fitness Coaches Business Start-Up
_______ Start-up Tips (Fill in the blank – if you work with start-ups)

Once you join a group(s), become an expert at sharing valuable information (not sales stuff!) and answer questions in the group when you know the answers. You will develop a reputation of being an expert in your field and become a “go-to” person in that industry. When someone has a question that is specifically related to your line of work, give them an answer and let them know that you will send them a private message. Only send a private message when you think the person is likely interested in what you offer or when you need to provide additional information that is too detailed to share in the group. A private message is not an opportunity to give a sales pitch or to close a sale! Once you have given them the details about their question, close by saying that you are glad you could help answer their questions and something similar one of these:

  • I create videos for real estate agents that help them to market their listings so they can get them sold faster and make more money. I’m always happy to answer any of your questions.
  • I provide accounting and payroll services to plumbers so they can focus more on running their business or _______. (You know your clients. Fill in the blank with their pain point. If you don’t know what to fill in the blank with, get to know your clients. What problem does your service resolve and what benefit does it provide to your client? Your service should alleviate one of their problems.
  • I provide administrative support to fitness coaches so they can spend more time getting new clients and training them.

Keep it simple.

If the person you’re talking to wants more information, offer a free consultation, Skype call, or in-person meeting. Remember, you are not trying to secure a client online. It’s always best to talk to them face-to-face, on a Skype call or even on a phone call. Yes, I’ve secured many happy clients from a phone call because of the reputation I’ve built online.

Remember, by sharing industry related news, tips, and your knowledge, you’re building your reputation as an industry leader. People will remember you whenever they need your product or service.  This is exactly what I did to grow my business and find clients on Facebook.

Bonus Tips

Make sure you have a link to your website and a link to your business page (if you have one) in the About section of your personal profile. As you are communicating online in business groups, people can click to your profile and learn more about your business.

Keep it classy!  Make sure your personal profile posts are professional and show you in a responsible manner. If there are pictures of you with a beer bong or other controversial content, you are going to alienate a percentage of people who may have been a terrific client for your business.

I hope this was helpful to you. Creating online relationships takes time, but it is very rewarding, personally and professionally.  If you would like more information about marketing your business, need a website that rocks or you would like to talk about your individual business needs, you can contact me here.