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This week I created a style guide for a catering company. My task was to create the style guide, not do the website redesign.  A style guide lays out the standard that would be followed throughout a website or other marketing materials.  I thought it would be interesting to share it with readers.

The company specializes in wedding and corporate catering events.  The color palette I chose was centered around the gold color shown below.  I chose elegant, complementary colors that speak to the company’s existing theme and reputation of providing beautiful and elegant catering.

elegant color palette

I chose to use Trebuchet MS, Georgia, and Impact fonts because they will not be a distraction from the company’s website content. They are simple and perfect for their website.fontsI chose to use beautiful images from the company because the photos show the quality of their work and compliment the color palette.

wedding photos catering website

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*This was strictly a project to create the style guide for the catering company and NOT a website design project.